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South Bay Implants & Maxillofacial Surgery
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A practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery practice can do a variety of specialized procedures for potential patients. South Bay Implants is no exception. Oral Surgeans are quite secialized in their practice and take many more years of schooling and training to be certified than a doctor or even a dentist. Is most cases they are certified as both as the doctors are at South Bay Implants.

Some of the most common procedures perfromed are listed below, but in daily practice, more treatments are addressed.

Patients are asked if they desire local or general anesthesia during their procedire. More infor is found here.

Toot removel (Wisdom teeth, dentures, oterh) is the most common use for an oral surgeon. South Bay Implants has the tools and processes for quick and least painful removal of all Tooth Removal. Read here to learn about Tooth Removal.

With a name like South Bay Implants, dental implants is the specialty they excel in. Read about implants here.

Bone grafting is also a common procedure performed. Read about Bone grafting here.

Those with Impacted Cuspids can have thos treated at South Bay Implants. Research about Impact Cuspids here.

TMJ is often treatable by several methods. South Bay Implants can help you with a treatment as described here.

Apicoectomy is also a good procedure for South Bay Implants to perform. Read about it here.

Reconstructive Jaw Surgery is a procedure that you must trust to a fully qualified Oral Surgeon. South Bay Implants is very successful for treatments and can guide you through these complicated procedures. Read more about JawSurgery here.

Facial Trauma is usually unfortunate and treatment is often needed immediately for proper repair. South Bay Implants has repaired a large variety of facial trauma and can help to most severe of cases. Read about trauma here.

Pediadontics is very common for South Bay Implants. Working with children and young adults is what SBI does most often. Read here about Pediadontrics.