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South Bay Implants strives hard to keep it's patients informed about their procedures and the paractice in general. Below are the most popular categoreis for prospective patients to read about for their experience to be without complication as some parts opf the process can be puzzling at times.

Oral surgery is a specialized flavor of a medical practice. It requires much more expertise than a dentist or a plain surgeon. Read here for more background information about Oral Surgery and South Bay Implants.

The list of procedures performed at South Bay Implants can be found here.

For many of the procedures, the physician and staff rely on state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging as described here.

When having a procedure like those perfomed by an oral surgreon, it is most ofter preceded by a First Consultation where prospective patients learn about the proecedure and the process from the physician and their assistants. Read here for information about the First consultation.

With the details of the procedure agreed upon between the patient and the physician and staff of South Bay Implants, it is time for the procedure to be scheduled. Read more about the Scheduling here.

As expected, procedures involving surgery can have costs to them. A Financial Adviser from the South Bay Implants will discuss those costs and possbily sources for coverages prior to the procedures. These costs are subject to reinbursements from various insurance and savings plans sources as well as co-payments with insurance providers. Read more about the process here.

After the procedure is performed, there will be follow appoinhtments and check-ins so the staff and physician is guaranteed your comfort is achieved and the procedure is a success. Read about the Follow-Up here.

Your experience at the South Bay Implants is very import to the staff at each of their offices. It is important to keep in contact during the process for you to be guaranteed of a pelasant and successful treatment.