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3D Digital Imaging

In today's technological world, digital information is commonplace and is also the case for the Oral Surgery practice of South Bay Implants. Here we use a

Planmeca XRay

new Planmeca 3D Cone Beam X-Ray for panoramic x-rays and for three dimensional modeling of the patients head.

Other than saving the procedure of developing film, and using less radiation than a traditional X-Ray, which will eventually go away, the 3D imaging gives the Surgical Staff at South Bay Implants unprecedented views of the bone structure of the face,jaw, and head. With thos accurate pictures, a very accurate treatment plan can be formulated for your currective surgery. Additionally,using the 3D viewer, the physician can show the patient exactly what the procedure will entail during a consultation visit.

For dental implants, the 3D X-ray is invaluable to identify bone structure extremely accurately and to outline nerves so that the implant procedure will not be marred by an inadvertant touching of a nerve in the mouth or jaw area.

3D XRay Review

Linked with software from the implant manufacturer, the implants is modeled in three dimensions to calculate proper implants sizes and placement. Once decided by the physician at South Bay Implants, the 3D model of the implant technique is sent to local manufacturer and a jig is fabricated to provide the proper positioning of the implant during the insertion. This eliminates most of the source for implant variations.

All this technology is harnessed so that the patient will be treated with the utmost of care and courtesy.